School and Mobile Technology

It's important to embrace social media as it is the primary way that young parents communicate, alongside text messaging and instant messaging. Social media is a very powerful tool for sharing information and encouraging collaboration between teachers and parents.

Zumi can creates a central place for parents and teachers to safely and securely share information. The idea is to build relationships in real time, using responsive, authentic communication, promote an effective communication channel and create awareness of school programs for parents.

Announcements delivered directly to your phone can be more informative and actionable compared to printed announcements sent home in students backpacks. For example, a recent post invited parents to an upcoming children's recital; the post included a photo and also reminder so that parents could remember what to prepare and what to bring.

It's easy with Zumi!

By joining Zumi, members of the groups and their teachers can easily celebrate successes, discuss challenges, and identify opportunities in a convenient and secure way.

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